Allen & Overy – bronze
St Thomas’s Hospital – relief in ferracotta
Tommy’s Campaign – bronze awards
Birdlife International – bronze
Churchill College, Cambridge – bronze
Trinity College, Cambridge – bronze
Kingsley Napley – life drawings
Public Commission for Bell Court, Stratford-Upon-Avon – 2 bronze pieces
Chelsea Old Church – lead relief

Louisa creates classical figurative sculpture drawing regularly from life. Based in Wiltshire, her subjects are constantly referencing religion and mythology, which she models loosely but with a deceptive and sensitive accuracy. Louisa has work in public and private collections including Allen Overy, St. Thomas’s Hospital, Churchill College, Cambridge and Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands.     Simon Allison 2012

Beliefs have been passed down through storytelling for millennia. They create the bonds that hold society together. By giving stories a physical form, I can be part of a conversation between ancient and modern societies, and even with the future.

I used rough, raw clay sourced from my husband’s farm for my degree show at Chelsea School of Art, and I have now worked in this material for 35 years. Recently, when digging, I found evidence of stone age people in the form of a carved spear head buried deep in the clay.

This year I am showing my work with Muse Sculpture at Lucknam Park, Wiltshire, and The Royal Enclosure at Ascot. I am on the Council of The Society of Portrait Sculptors, with whom I am exhibiting in The Garrison Chapel, Chelsea this August.



2021 The Society of Portrait Sculptors Virtual Exhibition


2020 The Society of Portrait Sculptors Virtual Exhibition

2019 Chelsea Flower Show
2019 Nelson Trust, Foxley Garden
2019: Society of Portrait Sculptors, La Galleria, Pall Mall

2018 The Society of Portrait Sculptors exhibition at La Galleria, Pall Mall

2017 Outdoor Exhibition – Sculpt at Kew
2017 Chelsea Flower Show

2016 Doddington Hall and Gardens, Lincolnshire
2016 Chelsea Flower Show
2016 Society of Portrait Sculptors, La Galleria

2015 St Martins Church, Gospel Oak, London
2015 Doddington Hall and Gardens, Lincolnshire
2015 Lockbund Gallery
2015 Society of Portrait Sculptors Exhibition at Sladmore Contemporary

2013 Chelsea Flower Show
2013 Fresh Air at Quenington
2013 Charles Daggett Gallery

2012 Dorset Art Week
2012 Chelsea Flower Show
2012 Josie Eastwood Gallery



2011 Lockbund Oxford Art Week
2010 Lockbund Oxford Art Week
2007 Hannah : Peschar Gallery
2007 Alpha House Gallery, Dorset
2006 Hannah Peschar Gallery
2006 Manor Farm Gallery, Wiltshire
2005 The Metal Gallery, Mount Street, London
2000 Private London Garden/Open Studio
1997 Lockbund Oxford Art Week
1996 Lockbund Oxford Art Week
1995 SWLA, Mall Galleries
1987 Hannah Peschar Gallery
1986 Hannah Peschar Gallery
1985 R.A. Summer Exhibition

Chelsea Art School – BA Hons Degree in Sculpture 1985


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